ADV Moto RD Cinema Equipment Rental

ADV Moto RD, SRL is an officially registered vendor with Dirección General de Cine (DGCINE), the Film Commission of the Dominican Republic.

We specialize in renting motorcycles, riders and other non-traditional support equipment for film projects featuring motorcycles.

The equipment available includes:

  • Modern 150cc, 250cc and 650cc motorcycles
  • Motorcycle riders (note: we do not provide stunt actors)
  • Transport Vans and vehicles for equipment and personnel
  • Trailers for motorcycles
  • Small portable gasoline generators
  • Portable inverter systems
  • Portable tables, chairs, tents and coolers
  • Waterproof long-range walkie talkies
  • Sophisticated waterproof on-road personal communications systems
  • Speciality maintenance tools for motorcycles, equipment and vans

We also can provide specialized equipment not listed above on request directly or through our large industry network.

Contact us at to see how we can help your film project.