Cyclone RX3 by Zongshen

Adventure Tourer

Cyclone RA1 by Zongshen

Small Cruiser with Style

Cyclone RC3 by Zongshen

Pure Sport Bike


What kind of warranty is offered on Cyclone motorcycles?

ADV Moto RD warrants that all factory manufactured Cyclone by Zongshen motorcycles are free from defects in material and workmanship during a period of two years, excluding any routine care and maintenance and/or the replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear, use, or deterioration:


  • Two years parts
  • One year labor

What about parts?

ADV Moto RD stocks a full line of Zongshen factory OEM parts for the motorcycles we sell. Should a part be unavailable locally, we can quickly source the parts through our US-based Cyclone distributor affiliate. Major parts such as whole frames and engine assemblies can be imported from the Zongshen factory. Additionally, we will be stocking accessories specific to the Cyclone motorcycles.

Who can work on my Cyclone motorcycle?

Cyclone motorcycles are brilliantly engineered so anyone with modest skill and tools can perform almost all maintenance and repairs on their motorcycle. Each motorcycle is delivered with a shop manual that details all maintenance.

Additionally, the Cyclone RX3 has an enormous world-wide network of knowledgeable enthusiasts who offer great advice, and CSC Motorcycles in the US has put a series of video tutorials online.

And although we have not developed a network of authorized service centers in the Dominican Republic at this time, most reputable motorcycle mechanics can maintain your Cyclone motorcycle.

When you become a Cyclone owner, you become a member of world-wide network of Cyclone enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise to keep your Cyclone in perfect condition for the entire time you own it.

What about your dealers?

ADV Moto RD is dedicated to offering motorcycle enthusiasts the best value and customer service in motorcycles in the Dominican Republic. Our standards are very high.

Most motorcycle dealers in the country are more concerned about high-interest financing than their products and service. This should come to no surprise to anyone.

Additionally,  dealer network means the price of our motorcycles go up, lowering our value proposition to you, the rider. Because of our high standards and commitment to value, to date we have not identified local dealers who share our goals of great products, fantastic service and epic values.

We will make public annoncements regarding dealer partnerships should they occur.

What is your policy on test rides?

Test rides are available for customers with a signed purchase agreement and damage deposit, as long as you have a valid Driver’s License legally binding in the Dominican Republic, and adequate motorcycling experience.

ADVMotoRD may sponsor Test Ride events around the country, with a required damage deposit, valid Driver’s License legally binding in the Dominican Republic, and adequate motorcycling experience.